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1 YEAR OLD portrait

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Capturing the essence of your little one is a special moment. This 1 year old photo session captures your little one at 12 months, where each image reflects the joy and innocence that make childhood a truly special time.

Embracing Authenticity and Wonder:

We believe that children’s portraits should capture the genuine essence of each child, embracing their individuality, curiosity, and the wonder of the world around them. Through our lens, we create images that transport you back to the magic of childhood and evoke the purest emotions.

Portraits that Tell Stories:

We aim to tell stories through our images, creating visual narratives that unfold the unique adventures and dreams of each child. From whimsical scenes to candid moments, we capture the fleeting magic of childhood in a timeless and artistic way.

Playful and Natural Poses:

We strive to create an environment where children can be themselves, allowing their true personalities to shine. Our approach to posing is focused on capturing natural, spontaneous moments of play, laughter, and exploration. These images reflect the authentic spirit and joy that radiate from children.

Celebrating Milestones and Special Moments:

Childhood is filled with milestones and special moments that deserve to be cherished. From birthdays to the simple joys of everyday life, we are honoured to capture these significant memories. Our children’s portraits serve as a beautiful way to commemorate these milestones and create lasting keepsakes.

Creative Props and Accessories:

We love incorporating creative props and accessories into our children’s portraits to enhance the storytelling and add a touch of whimsy. From vintage toys and costumes to handmade props and personalized elements, we collaborate with families to make each session a unique and memorable experience.

We’ll capture your 1 year old in a unique, fun and relaxed way. We will work together to capture the best moments of your baby’s first year. The session includes a 30 minute pre shoot consultation to discuss the type of settings you are looking for from the shoot. 

1 Year Old Portrait Gallery

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