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ClickyColors and Light Photography Course

Whether you are a beginner, serious hobbyist or a practitioner with years of experience, if you are seeking to improve your skills, our courses are what you are looking for.

With an emphasis on practical modules and assignments, you can be assured that you would have a clear understanding of photography theories, and a chance to clarify how to translate textbook concepts into hands-on photography sessions.


Courses will focus on the five elements of photography:


Technical knowledge 




 Course 1 is compulsory for all who want to progress in the development of your skills as a photographer.  It will  prepare you for the more advanced courses by familiarising you with the use of photographic terms and professional jargon. It also standardizes, identifies your strengths, and levels you up.


Course 1: Photographic Practice

There are 2 courses to choose from depending on your skill and knowledge level.

A: Standardise pro: 

This course is for amateurs and advance photographers who have been photographing for a few years but has no understanding about the sources and effects of lights and colours that play an important role in creating a good photo.

Attendees must have some knowledge of using the DSLR camera, the various types and use of different lenses, is familiar with the depth of field, etc. Attendees should also be someone who wants to understand more about composition of images and the post processing of photographs.

This course will identify your strengths and weakness, coaching you to push your craftsmanship to a higher level and correcting any flaws you may have. It levels you up and prepares you for advanced courses.


Basic Class (- to - 2015)

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B: Basic Pro:

This level is for the beginner –  those who have little or no knowledge in photographic techniques but are interested to think and shoot like a professional. This course will cover practical photographic techniques, comprising:

Exposures, types and uses of lenses, 

Aperture and Dept of field

Shutter speed and motion,

Understanding sources and colours of light, how to correct them.

White Balance

Basic Composition

Basic post process

This course comprise 18 lessons,each one and half hour long.


Course 2: Location and outdoor Photography

This course focuses on the use of lighting in a mixed (available and artificial) lighting environment. Attendees will learn the identification of the correct lighting, the technical know-hows of correcting and enhancing lighting. choosing the right location for your subject and the shoot will also be covered in the course


Course 3: Professional studio lighting course 

Attendees will progress to learn how to use one to seven lighting sources in the studio to highlight and bring out the best in your subject in front of the camera. This course will be available in basic, intermediate and advanced classes.


Course 4: Posing and Lighting

Posing and lighting your subject are salient techniques in getting the perfect shot. You will learn to be a professional in this aspect through the choice of either studio or outdoor classes. 


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